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Jerry Koller, founder, of International Home Realty, was recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine about how his agency helps home buyers and sellers in their native language.

During a recent interview with Business Innovators Magazine, Jerry Koller founder of International Home Reality, discussed how his agency helps home buyers and sellers using a globally minded approach.

Jerry Koller has 27 years of experience working in the real estate industry. He has worked as a Loan Broker and in the consumer direct lending platforms; both successful endeavours. Having travelled the world, Jerry saw a need to assist home buyers and sellers in their native language.

During the interview, Jerry stated, “As the world gets smaller, people from many cultures and countries are pouring into the greatest nation. We have agents that speak several of the most common languages to assist these people in their transactions. We also specialize in what we call “After Sale Concierge Service”. We become lifetime partners helping with almost anything they need help with; opening bank accounts, putting children into school, setting up utilities, renting out investment properties. Most of our clients become lifetime friends. We also travel internationally to work with wealth advisors and realtors worldwide.”

Jerry was asked How selling luxury properties differs from selling in the common market, he responded, “Luxury is hard to define. We sell to buyers from 250k all the way up to 60 million. Luxury buyers are the main difference. The buyer who is looking for a high-end home has more specific tastes and has the resources to get what they want. They also have a different view of the home as an investment and a residence. A Luxury home may be size, location, type or just high-end finishes.”

When asked for advice on what to look for in an agent Jerry said, “I talk about this all the time when I train new agents. I believe there are a few qualities that make a great agent.

1. Find an agent that has experience in the area you are looking to buy.

2. Find an agent that is responsive – Answers your call or calls back quickly.

3. Find an agent that puts your interest first and listens to what your needs are.

Opening International Home Realty with quality agents that speak a variety of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Farsi has allowed International Home Realty to prosper without competing locally. Jerry and his agents frequently travel internationally to meet with clients, wealth advisors and investors on their home turf.



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