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Our Story

Image by Robert Bye


Award Winning Brokerage

International Home Realty was started with one idea, all people deserve a great place to live. Our company works to provide services to our clients in their native languages. We have agents that speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Farsi, French and Italian. Clients who come from other countries and want to buy a home here are pleased when they can discuss their needs in their home language.



Providing Excellent Service

Our Award winning agents are well travelled. We have visited over 35 countries for extended stays. BY traveling to other countries, we have found it much more meaningful to connect with people when you have been to their country or even their city and have knowledge of how they live, their local sites, their food and culture as well as understanding of their daily lives. We believe all people are welcome here and we do our best to make them feel that way.

Image by Derek Liang
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